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Information: Here at US Color Glass, we are certain to be the very greatest manufacturer and provider of beautiful, high quality, and securely made colored glass backsplash, glass wall, back painted glass, decorative glass, and more in the area of Norcross, Georgia. We here at US Color Glass have proudly been able to provide our services when it comes to manufacturing glass backsplash for kitchen in homes throughout the state of Georgia beyond our base in Norcross, such as in the cities of Atlanta, Roswell, Suwanee, Duluth, Marietta, Buckhead, Sandy Springs, Alpharetta, Johns Creek, and beyond. If you happen to live in or around these cities or their surrounding areas, and you would like a new kitchen backsplash to be created out of beautiful and high-quality glass to put that extra special touch to your house's kitchen, come to US Color Glass for all that you need. We here at US Color Glass will surely be the most professional, the most skilled, and the most experienced in working with glass - and we would surely go above and beyond in the creation of your frameless shower doors, glass backsplash, decorative glass, kitchen backsplash glass, and more.

Look no further than to the expert decorative glass company of US Color Glass if you ever need a great and professional quality of glass manufacturer in the state of Georgia to help you out. We here at US Color Glass are able to offer up our services with regard to customizing and manufacturing the most beautiful of decorative glass products no matter what you might be interested in getting the glass for.

Whether you are in need of glass marker boards, back painted glass, a glass wall, frameless shower doors, glass backsplash for your kitchen, or anything else, we here at the glass manufacturing company of US Color Glass will jump right to the process! With over fifteen years of experience under our belts, you certainly can't go wrong with choosing our company to take care of your backsplash for kitchen or your kitchen backsplash glass. Our glass comes in solid, metallic, and sparkled styles, with an unlimited amount of colors to suit your particular needs and sense of style. When you come to US Color Glass for your glass-related needs, you can be sure that our products are of an excellent quality while still being highly cost effective and reasonably priced - so call us today! Learn More

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  • Norcross
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  • Roswell
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  • Duluth
  • Marietta
  • Buckhead
  • Sandy Springs
  • Alpharetta
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